Francium — a platform providing Yield Strategies and Decentralized Strategy-Building Infrastructure

What’s Francium?

Francium is a DeFi Strategy Platform on Solana. On Francium, you will find bespoke yield strategies and a decentralized strategy building infrastructure designed and built specially for you, DeFi users.

Explore Yield Strategies for DeFi Users

Yield Strategies

Francium provides strategies and self-introduced functions that could help users earn more profit and bear less loss. The following are the strategies that have been or will be provided to users:

1. Crypto-Native Strategy

Crypto-Native Strategy focuses on yield farming and capital efficiency. With leverage farming, DeFi users can borrow assets from lending pools to maximize their gains.

2. DeFi Composability Strategy

As the name is self-explanatory, we call it the DeFi Composability Strategy as it consists of compose-able functions. The strategy integrates DeFi protocols that help us achieve an integrated farming strategy. It performs multiple operations, such as lending and DEX, in one place.

3. Trading System-Based Strategy

After years of development, the traditional trading market has accumulated a host of excellent strategies. These strategies can trade various asset types and assets at different growth stages, and make profits from them. When deployed on fast-growing crypto assets, these accumulated excellent trading strategies, or some advanced versions based on them (such as AI-enabled), would provide competitive performance.

Strategy Building Infrastructure

Francium is a DeFi strategy platform. In addition to directly providing the aforementioned strategies, Francium will also integrate financial tools, provide automation, and enrich the target, in order to help the community and traders in implementing strategies.

1. Financial Instruments

Both DeFi and traditional strategies need a series of financial instruments to help implement them. Francium will integrate these basic modules to help users implement various strategies.

2. Automation

Take the simple MA strategy in the decentralized scenario as an example: the price change of the assets needs to be tracked and calculated off-chain, and then triggered to call on-chain contracts based on the trading system’s design.

3. Enrich Targets

High yield opportunities come not only from excellent strategic algorithms, but also from platforms that provide corresponding targets and financial instruments. Strategy developers will be able to invest in various on-chain/off-chain assets and corresponding derivatives directly on the Francium platform. The protocol will also make use of rich Oracle data to calculate the value of these assets or assist in security inspection.

4. Visual Tools

There is a certain threshold for the creation of strategies. In order to reduce the threshold for strategy creation and let developers focus on the strategy logic itself, Francium will create a visual and, drag-and-drop strategy creation toolbox to cooperate with the basic strategy module, so that users can implement strategies quickly and conveniently.

Road Map

Milestone 1: Leveraged Yield Farming; Smart Farming Strategy (05.2021–12.2021)
Milestone 2: Well-known strategies; Automation (1.2022–06.2022)
Milestone 3: Enrich Targets; Visual Tools (07.2022–12.2022)
Milestone 4: Modular components; Build strategy community (01.2023 — )


The beta version of Francium was launched on Solana Main-net at the end of July, and there is more than $400M earning yield with Francium.

  • Leveraged Yield Farming
  • Yield Farming Calculator
Solana Yield Farming Calculators Supported by Francium
  • Lending

Honorable Mentions

  • A joint Grant from Serum and Solana
  • 2021 Solana Hackathon
    a. First runner-up place in Asia
    b. Kin Sponsorship Award
    c. Community Quadratic Voting — Top 5 Most Popular Project



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Francium is a leveraged yield farming protocol that supports diverse yield strategies. Discord: