Francium launches Innovation Zone

Farming on Francium

The Main section consists of more than 40 farming pools, and Francium will keep on adding new pools in the future. By the virtue of main section pools, DeFi users can participate in leveraged farming to enjoy high yield. Pseudo Delta Neutral and other strategies to hedge their risk exposure, however, come with additional risks.

Innovation Zone

Feature description

  • Users can open new farming positions here with 1x leverage, i.e., no leverage to maximize their yields, and no risk of liquidation.
  • The newly added price trigger feature of the innovation zone will help to close the position (set a price range you want to provide as liquidity).
  • Auto-Compounding: Francium helps to reinvest the yield to get a higher APY.

How to participate:

  1. Go to Francium
  2. Click Innovation Zone tab
  3. Choose the pair you want to farm in, and click farm button
  4. Input the principal amount, note you can use one/both the coins as principle.
  5. Adjust the horizontal scroll bar to specify the range (-100 to infinity), and click farm

The Price Range Feature:

The adjustment of price range is an optional feature, and the default range is from minus one hundred to positive infinity. You can take full advantage of the yield farming simulator to forecast your yields. On top of that, if you don’t possess the token in your wallet use the swap option to swap the coins right on the Francium’s dApp.

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Francium is a leveraged yield farming protocol that supports diverse yield strategies. Discord: