Francium Twitter Sharing Event — Share the Performance of Your Position and Win Rewards!

2 min readAug 19, 2022


Have you noticed that Francium released a new feature days ago? It’s a feature that allows you to share position info on Twitter with one click, and now we’d like to invite you to share your position performance on top of this feature.

USDC, CP, and OG Title are up for grabs!

Starting Date: August 19th, 2022

End Date: TBD


  • Share the pic of your position on Twitter through Francium’s new feature
  • Make sure to tag Francium @Francium_DeFi and add the hashtag #FranciumShare when sharing your positions
  • Share the reason why you opened the position in one thread (optional)


Every Week we’ll choose random posts to give rewards:

1 ppl * 50 USDC

1 ppl * OG Title (The premise is that you share the position with our Discord community:

2 ppl * 300 CPs each


  1. If the number of participants is insufficient every week, the time for announcing the winners won’t be fixed.

2. Contribution Points (CPs) are recorded for early supporters and will be added to your account, and the beholders of these points will have advantages and incentives in the future.


  1. Click on the “Position Share” button

2. Choose “Share to Twitter”

3. When jumping to the Twitter page, make sure that Francium @Francium_Defi is tagged and the hashtag #FarmingSharing is added. You can also add more info if you want.

We’re looking forward to your participation!

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