Long-Lasting Bug Bounty Activity for Francium’s latest Features

2 min readDec 9, 2021

Francium will conduct a long-term daily award-winning activity for bug/problem hunting. We’ve added and altered some features upon your suggestions and wishes, and now we invite you to test them and report issues. This is a long-lasting activity, we’ll keep on adding new features, and will invite you from time to time to test those features, and hunt for bugs and other related issues that you may encounter upon the usage of the newly added/launched feature. We invite each of you to come and participate in the award-winning feature testing activity. We also request you to invite your near and dear ones to join the activity. We’re looking forward to your participation to make your project (Francium) the best of all!

Bug Hunting Activity:

Take newly added or altered features into account for testing purposes.

New feature release link: https://preview.francium.io/app


Rewards are based on the severity of the bug and are categorized into three categories:

1 Major level: 50$ + 1000CP

2 Intermediate level: 30$ + 500CP

3 Minor level: 10$ + 100CP

Active participants/those who found major bugs, +Tester Group (previous Beta Tester title has been replaced with Tester title)

Activity Rules:

Enter the new function release link and perform the tests as directed by the function description.

  • If you encounter problems while testing, send them to discord “#bug-reports” immediately to claim your participation slot.
  • Remember to Send with the “#NewFeatureTesting” hashtag. -The same bug submission shall be subject to the first submission.
  • Bug Reports that have been assessed as qualified will receive confirmation and rewards every day.


  • All transactions on the new function test page are real transactions on the chain, please pay attention to the amount and risk.

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Francium is a leveraged yield farming protocol that supports diverse yield strategies. Discord: http://discord.gg/francium