Monthly Routine ( December 2022)

3 min readJan 3, 2023


In the month of December Francium integrated several protocols. Apart from that Francium is actively organizing community-based activities, the details of which are as follows:

Investigation and data collection on Raydium exploit

We have taken snapshots of the affected positions. We have collected all the relevant data to safeguard our users. Francium has paused farming on the protocol. We are also in discussions with the Raydium team to take action regarding the exploit. We have investigated the cause of sudden liquidations and loss of assets as well.


  1. SafePal Wallet

SafePal is a comprehensive crypto management platform that provides hardware wallet, software wallet, and browser extension wallet solutions. With powerful web3 solutions powered by industry leaders such as Binance, allowing users to store, manage, swap, and trade their crypto assets. SafePal now serve more than 7 million users across the globe with hardware wallets, software wallets, and browser extension wallet product lines. It support 15 languages, 50+ blockchains, 100,000+ tokens, and also NFTs. The project is also integrated with Binance DEX and Binance Spot Trading, as well as DApps on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Tron, Polygon, and other networks.

New Features:

1. Roadmap for 2023

We have designed a new roadmap for 2023 which is as follows:

MileStone 1

Auto-rebalance PDN Vaults (Q4 2022)

Auto-rebalance 1x Long Vaults (Q4 2022)

MileStone 2

Concentrated liquidity pools integration & auto vaults (Q1-Q2 2023)

MileStone 3

Fix-rate lending to moderate the APY volatility (Q3-Q4 2023)

MileStone 4

Cross-chain yield aggregation for Solana ecosystem (Q3-Q4 2023)

2. Alchemy

Francium has been featured in the new web3 Dapp Store from Alchemy. Alchemy provides the leading blockchain development platform powering millions of users in 197 countries worldwide. Their mission is to provide developers with the fundamental building blocks they need to create the future of technology.

3. Auto-Rebalance Vault (on preview)

Pseudo-Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy is a market-neutral model created by combining a long and short position in an asset simultaneously, allowing you to obtain high returns while minimizing your portfolio risk when the asset’s price fluctuates. Francium’s Auto-Rebalance Vault automatically rebalances Pseudo-Delta Neutral positions to maintain neutral exposure and it has no liquidation risk.


  1. Long-lasting Bug Bounty:

Whenever a new feature or strategy is launched Francium invites its users to test it. This activity is known as long-lasting bug bounty activity. The features could be tested at website before it’s integrated into the main website. By participating users could win $USDC and Contribution points.

2. $SOL/stSOL Lending Pool Incentive Event:

We’re partnering with Lido to give $LDO rewards to $SOL and $stSOL lenders. We offer one-click button for users to stake + lend $SOL as $stSOL on Francium. Or you can simply lend your $stSOL to earn lending interest + extra $LDO rewards.

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