Monthly Routine (February 2023 )

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As a Web3 social network of verifiable identities, Link3 delivers a fabric of trust for Web3. Link3 aggregates both on-chain and off-chain data to deliver context-rich, verifiable information. The Link3 profile page serves as your holistic identity enabling trustworthy networking and meaningful connections among users and organizations. Link3 helps users build trust with verifiable connections and enriched, contextualized identities. Link3 delivers an array of dimensions that tell a more complete story about each user, including connections held with individuals and organizations across platforms, credentials, DAO membership, project involvement and roles.

New Features:

Auto-Rebalance Vaults (on preview) are re-opened

Pseudo-Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy is a market-neutral model created by combining a long and short position in an asset simultaneously, allowing you to obtain high returns while minimizing your portfolio risk when the asset’s price fluctuates. Francium’s Auto-Rebalance Vault automatically rebalances Pseudo-Delta Neutral positions to maintain neutral exposure and it has no liquidation risk.

AMA with Streamflow Finance

Meteora, Kamino, and Francium participated in the AMA. We were asked for the Introduction, role in Solana ecosystem, and milestones.We mentioned that we are Solana hackathon winners and we are in Solana ecosystem since 2021. Meteora also shared the project introduction, they said their vision is to put ideal capital to somewhere on Solana to earn yield and make Solana itself capital efficient let alone sustainable yields. They said that they also reset the tokenomics and Defi needs a strong home for stable liquidity so that there’ll be capital efficiency

Kamino stated that their goal is to become Solana ultimate liquidity destination. The core contributor of Kamino is Hubble protocol. Kamino launched liquidity vaults as their core product, they have stable coin vaults, Sol only vaults, and mixed pair vaults. These vaults have different risks and different return profiles. They are providing the opportunity for users to earn yields via DEX trading fees. Shared the roadmap for example launched Raydium concentrated liquidity. The host asked what’s next for DeFi on Solana. Francium mentioned that after FTX event when the market was bearish, PDN strategy became very popular. We also launched rebalancing vaults. The future of DeFi depends on creating products with real utility. We also mentioned that regulations and education are necessary to help users better manage their portfolios. Host asked Meteora what do you think about the current state of DeFi on Solana? They said it’s important to be more open to decentralized protocol. There’s a gap between user experience and education as well. Host mentioned that it important to let users understand where the yield is coming from. Kamino mentioned that we need to educate users about where the opportunity is and what is the reality behind the scene. Kamino mentioned that they are open source and audited and there is a need of certain organization on a higher level that can put a stamp on the security of the protocol. Francium mentioned that concentrated liquidity pools and new vaults are in pipeline. Francium is also exploring multi-chain liquidity for Solana. We will collaborate with other EVM chains. Meteora mentioned that what they are doing is more transparent and community-driven. Kamino mentioned that they are working on new products related to Raydium and Orca.


  1. Long-lasting Bug Bounty:

Whenever a new feature or strategy is launched Francium invites its users to test it. This activity is known as long-lasting bug bounty activity. The features could be tested at website before it’s integrated into the main website. By participating users could win $USDC and Contribution points.

2. $SOL/stSOL Lending Pool Incentive Event:

We’re partnering with Lido to give $LDO rewards to $SOL and $stSOL lenders. We offer one-click button for users to stake + lend $SOL as $stSOL on Francium. Or you can simply lend your $stSOL to earn lending interest + extra $LDO rewards

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