Monthly Routine (November 2022)

3 min readDec 1, 2022

In the month of November, Francium integrated several protocols. . Francium participated in Lisbon Breakpoint. We have organized community-based activities, the details of which are as follows:


  1. Strike wallet:

Strike is a multisig crypto wallet providing trustless and decentralized institutional-grade access to DeFi on the Solana blockchain.

Strike also offers an alternative method of initiation/approval utilizing the Strike Wallet dApp in conjunction with Externally Owned Account (“EOA”) wallets such as Phantom. Whichever method is employed, users achieve complete control and sovereignty over their assets when using Strike and do not require trust in third parties.

2. Pyth :

Francium now takes price feeds from Pyth. Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges to any smart contract, anywhere. They deliver a decentralized, cross-chain market of verifiable data from first-party sources. Pyth is giving DeFi comprehensive access to the vast amount of hi-fi financial services data it needs to make smart contracts work smarter.

3. Switchboard (coming soon):

Switchboard is an Oracle protocol that enables developers to source data on-chain for a variety of use cases such as price feeds, NFT floor prices, sports statistics, or even verifiable randomness. ****Switchboard allows builders to unlock the power of Solana by creating high-performance data feeds from any API.Switchboard’s flexibility allows developers to publish any form of data on-chain with just a few clicks.

New Features:

  1. New UI of My page:

Users can now see the graphical representation of their positions’ “net worth” up to 30 days

2. Support Solana’s Transactions v2:

Versioned Transactions will allow you to utilize Address Lookup Tables today and could have additional functionality in the future. 1) Introduce a new program which manages on-chain address lookup tables 2) Add a new transaction format which can make use of on-chain address lookup tables to efficiently load more accounts in a single transaction.

3. Auto-Rebalance Vault (on preview):

Pseudo-Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy is a market-neutral model created by combining a long and short position in an asset simultaneously, allowing you to obtain high returns while minimizing your portfolio risk when the asset’s price fluctuates. Francium’s Auto-Rebalance Vault automatically rebalances Pseudo-Delta Neutral positions to maintain neutral exposure and it has no liquidation risk.


Lisbon Breakpoint:

Team Francium has participated in Lisbon Breakpoint where we met different Solana-based project teams. We shared Francium’s point of view at Lisbon and learned about other projects as well.


  1. Long-lasting Bug Bounty:

Whenever a new feature or strategy is launched Francium invites its users to test it. This activity is known as long-lasting bug bounty activity. The features could be tested at website before it’s integrated into the main website. By participating users could win $USDC and Contribution points.

2. $SOL/stSOL Lending Pool Incentive Event:

We’re partnering with Lido to give $LDO rewards to $SOL and $stSOL lenders. We offer one-click button for users to stake + lend $SOL as $stSOL on Francium. Or you can simply lend your $stSOL to earn lending interest + extra $LDO rewards

3. Testing Auto-Rebalance Vault:

Users are invited to test our upcoming auto-rebalance vaults. They could find out the bugs and suggest enhancements, by doing so they could win rewards in the form of USDC.

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