Talent Express Train: Art Competition

3 min readMar 29, 2022

An artwork-based, long-lasting competition is brought to you by Francium. Share your organic masterpiece with Francium’s discord community with #Iamtalented on the #talent-express channel to participate in the event.

The Prize pool consists of thousands of contribution points, a Talentcium title, USDC, and last but not least a NFT powered by Project Galaxy. All forms of artwork are more than welcome. You may post your entries in the form of funny videos, funny songs, banners, stickers, and paintings. In order to eliminate the interference of bots and maintain transparency, all the entries will be assessed by the team itself. Rewards will be distributed to all the participants depending on the scores obtained. The points table given below could be used for reference.

Note: Winners can mint NFT here: https://galaxy.eco/Francium

For “others” category
Point≥ 40 (Title + 2000 CPs + 100 USDC+NFT)
point ≥ 30 (1500 CPs + Title+NFT)
Below> 20 (1000 CPs+Title)
20 points (300 CPs)

For “Video & paintings” category
Point≥ 65(Title + 2000 CPs + 100 USDC+NFT)
point ≥ 45(1500 CPs + Title+NFT)
Below> 35(1000 CPs+Title)
35 points (300 CPs)

Artists will be rewarded from time to time according to the quality and quantity of the art-work submitted.


1 Artwork must be an original piece, completed solely by the participant.
2 The artwork must be related to Francium.
3 One can only inquire about his/her own score via DM.
4 Points will be assigned by the team

Total points for “other” artwork=50 pts
Total points for “video & painting” artwork=80 pts

1 It’s just for fun, please show sportsman spirit, we’re a family.
2 In case of any cheating/plagiarism, team’s decision will be the final word, we take care of such matters.
3 Share your original content at your own responsibility, other may copy and use it.
4 Irralvent links or advertainments will be immediately deleted by the CMs.


  1. Why did I choose Francium?
  2. How’s Francium Community?
  3. What’s the best thing about Fr?
  4. Francium VS other protocols.
  5. What do you I want to see on Francium?

The following ideas are only for reference purposes

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